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The Little Girl Who Could Set Things On Fire With Her Brain

In a village in 18th Century rural Ireland, a girl is born with an amazing power. This epic story follows the fate of her and her descendants through history as the actions of a series of remarkable women shape the … Continue reading

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Meet Penny

Enjoy the lighter side of sociopathy with Penny Cain, the amoral hired killer with a wit as sharp as her knives and a taste for brutal torture. Some might people find murder a chore: not Penny. She loves her work … Continue reading

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  In the near future, social media has connected everyone in the world and every activity is pervaded by unavoidable advertising. David is an ordinary man just trying to get by, but he is beginning to suspect that perhaps man … Continue reading

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Coney the Usurper

In a far off realm, a king contemplates the outcome of a war on his borders from the fastness of his impregnable keep. Heir to a long line of noble rulers, he knows the destiny of his people hangs in … Continue reading

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The Prison

Real life can tie you down – tether you to a destiny you never wanted. Danny had dreams, but she was forced to accept a more mundane fate as a wife to a man she chose when she was a … Continue reading

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  The world has been living with transhumans for the better part of a century now. They were heroes, villains, symbols. But just over a decade ago, a transhuman terrorist group attacked New Amsterdam, the greatest city in Columbia, and … Continue reading

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Cleansing Flame

Amir is far from home, in America for the first time on a study scholarship. He has trouble fitting in, but the truth is he had trouble fitting in back home in Jordan too, for reasons he could never discuss. … Continue reading

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