You can buy a book I wrote if you want

I’ve taken the unusual step of turning Written in Blood, the first Ragnar Ulrichson novella I posted here into an e-book you can buy on Amazon’s Kindle store for your Kindle or other compatible device.

The text isn’t substantially changed from the version posted here last year but I have edited and expanded it a little. Plus it has a nice cover, drawn by my friend John Blake:

Good, isn't he?

Good, isn’t he?

UK customers can download it here. For customers in the US, this is the link. For other territories, just change the end of the URL to the appropriate region code (“.ca” for Canada, for example). This is for reasons to do with taxes and royalties – you can’t download it from anywhere but the geographically appropriate Amazon store and you just get an error message if you go to the wrong one.

Anyway, this is a new venture for me and, while I’ve no illusions it’ll translate into any real money, it’s still an opportunity to spread the word about my writing. If you’ve read Written in Blood already, hopefully you won’t mind paying a little to get a nice Kindle version and if you haven’t, now you have the option to read it this way instead. If it sells, I’ll give the other Ragnar stories the same treatment, and I may also put some other stuff up there in compilation format. We’ll see.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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