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The Sea’s Keeper

Carrie comes back to her childhood home by the sea after  long absence, looking for inspiration. She finds more than she expects.

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Shadows in the Fog

Jenny is dead and it turns out that, as in life, these situations are just things you have to get used to.

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Paragon V: Hell’s Hawk

Captain Paragon’s time in New Amsterdam  may be coming to an end – the official story is that the transhuman threat has been defeated, but the reality is more complicated. As an old enemy makes his way to the city, … Continue reading

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The Red Queen

A letter from the desk of Her Majesty to a dear old friend in Romania.

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In the dispensary, citizens come and go, paying for their rations with their hard-earned merits. Only the service drone sees them for who they really are.

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The Cuckoo

He came from the stars, a man seemingly made of steel, but was he ever the hero he claimed to be, or was he just a parasite in our midst?

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Forever Man

An obscenely wealthy businessman seeks to vanquish the one foe left that can scupper his ambitions, but he finds there are unintended consequences for seeking immortality… Note: this short piece is a proposed script for an upcoming manga project by … Continue reading

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