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Happy Ending

They call it the world’s oldest profession, but Inspector Sidney has had enough of playing nice with the women he has to question.

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Cause and Effect

Time travel is a risky endeavour. Josh made one little mistake and has been trying to fix it ever since, but causality is always a complicated business.

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The Data

The world is made up of data and if you compile enough of it, you can unlock even the deepest secrets of existence. But Clara, a biology student who agrees to work for a professor with a penchant for cryptozoology, … Continue reading

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Here Come The Robots!

Two old friends meet in the park and watch the world go by. But for Molly, the world with all its strange new inventions may be going by a little too fast.

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In a doctor’s waiting room, a boy is waiting for a girl to fix him and give his life some meaning. Things are rarely quite so simple though.

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