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The Last Story

Shan has just finished his masterpiece, but will he ever be able to write again? Will anyone? Or has it all been said now?

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Hermit Crab

It’s Anthony’s last day in his childhood home before leaving, perhaps forever.

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Planet of the Amazons

Captain Macintyre is about to live the dream of every starship captain since the dawn of space exploration and make “first contact” with a race of beautiful alien women. But is everything all it seems?

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The Open Door

In a strange old house there is a strange old door, and it doesn’t lead where it should.

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The Singer

For the first time in years, a Singer comes to the village with news of the outside world, and a special message for someone.

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Veni, Vidi, Erupti

Sasha is Professor Coltrane’s new lab assistant. He’s an (apparently) great man who believes he was born in the wrong era and who intends to put that right.

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