‘Hollow Future 2’ now available on Kindle

A little while ago I put together an anthology of some of my science-fiction stories and called it ‘Hollow Future’. In the six months since I put this on Kindle, I’ve written much more sci-fi: enough to justify publishing a second anthology, and it’s now live for you to buy!

Most of the stories end more or less like this...

Most of the stories end more or less like this…

Much like the first Hollow Future, Hollow Future 2 is a collection of one-off sci-fi stories of various lengths. There’s no real connection between them, except that they mostly deal with themes of humanity struggling against the enormity and horror of the vast, uncaring universe. To this end, it’s divided into three sections: Space (about people travelling far from Earth and not finding what they expect), Time (about people travelling through time, or encountering events that link them to distant epochs, and not finding what they expect) and Continuum (about humans confronting the nature of humanity and…yeah…). It’s all connected by a loose framing narrative that is actually linked to some of the stories featured in the first Hollow Future by this story.

The stories featured, in order, are:


  • Top to Bottom
  • The Open Door
  • Planet of the Amazons
  • Sword of Humanity
  • Terminator


  • Strata
  • A Man Walks into a Shop and Ask for a Kettle
  • Cause and Effect
  • Federal Mint
  • Veni, Vidi, Erupti
  • The Singer
  • Fallen


  • Here Come the Robots!
  • Grey Haze
  • The Data
  • Drone
  • Happy Ending
  • Zee

Obviously, all of these stories have already been made available for free on this blog, although I have edited them a bit and fixed typos and errors. Plus reading them all together on a Kindle-compatible device is more convenient for some people. It’s up to you how you choose to read these stories (if you do) – I benefit either way, as long as you share anything you like on this blog!

Anyway, you can buy Hollow Future 2 here (if you’re in the UK), and here (if you’re in the US). For other territories, just change the end of the URL to the appropriate region code (“.ca” for Canada, for example).

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