‘Other Lives’ now available on Kindle

Announcing yet another short story anthology available to buy on Kindle, this time a collection of contemporary pieces – they don’t have much in common, except that they don’t have any spaceships or elves or anything in them!

My wife took this photo!

My wife took this photo!

As with my other anthologies, the stories are all fairly short and self-contained, although there is one which is threaded through the others. It’s called ‘Other Lives’ because, by chance rather than design, I’ve written about people who are generally not that much like me. The oldest stories in this collection go right back to the start of this blog, so this kind of spans the entirety of Serial Writist, and I’ve more or less managed to hold true to my original aims to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m aware of the line between representation and appropriation, but hopefully I’ve managed to stay on the side of not putting words into the mouths of people whose experiences I don’t share…

The stories featured, in order, are:

  • Barcelona Dawn I (exclusive to this collection)
  • Omelas
  • The Sea’s Keeper
  • Abraham and Isaac (originally published here as ‘Abraham Washington’)
  • Barcelona Dawn II (exclusive to this collection)
  • Pixie
  • Lightshow
  • Dad and Mary
  • Barcelona Dawn III (exclusive to this collection)
  • The Prison
  • Magical Intersections
  • Seasons
  • Barcelona Dawn IV (exclusive to this collection)

Again, a lot of this stuff is available for free here, but I have edited it all a bit so hopefully it’s worth the fairly nominal price to get hold of this collection.

You can buy Other Lives here (if you’re in the UK), and here (if you’re in the US). For other territories, just change the end of the URL to the appropriate region code (“.ca” for Canada, for example).

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