‘Tales of New Atlas’ now available on Kindle

I’m not exactly sure why, but towards the end of last year I had an idea to put together the first three Ragnar Ulrichson novellas into one publication for Kindle. Well, I did it, and now you can buy them!

You might have seen this picture before...

You might have seen this picture before…

This volume collects together the novellas ‘Written in Blood’, ‘Dragonfire’ and ‘Darkness Rising’ which together tell the story of Ragnar Ulrichson, the barbarian hero-cum-private detective whose adventures in New Atlas take him from being a run-down gumshoe with a drink problem and no hope to the man who holds the destiny of the whole city in his hands.

The stories are a sideways look at the fantasy genre by recasting familiar archetypes and tropes in a more modern setting, specifically a pastiche of mid-20th Century New York, complete with gangsters, corrupt cops, knockout dames and seedy criminal empires that are never quite what they seem. It will appeal to all fans of fantasy, and specifically anyone who read Lord of the Rings or Conan and wondered what all the people living in the cities thought about a gang of wandering miscreants randomly installing an unelected monarchy to rule over them…

Also, it has a map!

Also, it has a map!

You can buy ‘Tales of New Atlas: the Ragnar Ulrichson Saga’ here (if you’re in the UK), and here (if you’re in the US). For other territories, just change the end of the URL to the appropriate region code (“.ca” for Canada, for example).

Note: ‘Written in Blood’ was previously released as a stand-alone novella for Kindle. I’ve now taken this down as this new volume incorporates that text (albeit slightly edited for typos and a handful of minor continuity issues). Those who already bought that book can rest assured that ‘Tales of New Atlas’ features two other novellas of equal length so is still well worth buying!

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