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I’m not dead – I’ve just been working on other things.

A month or two ago, a long-planned collaboration between myself and my friend and journalist/publisher Mic Wright was agreed upon over a few pints in a Cambridge pub. Today his new media and culture website, The Malcontent, officially launched and one of the things he’ll be showcasing is new fiction, amongst it a serialised sci-fi story written by me. Mic’s original pitch was a sort of space opera-high school mashup, wherein a diverse group of trainee officers find themselves on the fringes of a galactic war. If you’re familiar with Starship Troopers or some of the episodes of Star Trek that focus on crew that aren’t part of the main cast (like TNG’s The Lower Decks), you’ll get the idea. It’s a project that will demand world-building, complex character relationships and a good dose of technobabble. As a character in my Four Quadrants sci-fi setting might say, that’s right in my orbit.

So, that’s what I’ve been working on. Because Mic isn’t quite prepared to devote his entire website to my rambling brand of fiction, the publication schedule won’t be like this blog’s, but two parts are up already and you can find them here and here.

I’ve also been moving house, changing jobs and other things that have distracted me from posting stuff here and continuing the projects I’ve left hanging. I hope you enjoy the first couple of chapters of Cadets in the meantime though. Also, since this is actually a paid gig and the Malcontent lives or dies on returning its sponsors’ investments, you’d be doing me (and Mic!) a big favour by taking a look.

Thanks for reading!

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