Cadets – 8

‘Cadets’ is my new sci-fi novel, serialised on pop-culture website The Malcontent. Read part 8 by clicking below!

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One Response to Cadets – 8

  1. Chad Ramsey says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying the story so far! I accidentally stumbled upon this website a few months ago, and was almost immediately captivated by this serialized story. I check back every week or so in hopes of finding that the next part of the story has been released. I have suggested this website to the handful of friends of mine that are also avid readers, and so far their feedback is all positive. The world that you have created for this story is unlike most that I come across; it is entirely feasible that this future reality could indeed come to fruition. It is just “real” enough that I do not have to take a giant leap of imagination to picture this as a peek through the window into the future of our world. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to the next chapter

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