Legacy available to buy now!

As some of you might have seen, my debut novel, Legacy, is now available to buy in both eBook and hardback formats, published by Cynefin Road. You can buy it from Amazon here.


The book began life on this very blog, as a series of short stories that became The Ajax Legacy. Some of you may even have read it, as well as its sequel (The Ajax Rebellion). Now, after pitching the novel to the good people at Cynefin Road, the revised and edited version, re-titled Legacy, is available worldwide via Amazon and other providers. You can also order a physical copy from independent bookshops or direct from Cynefin’s website.

Legacy is the first novel following Emily Ajax and the ragtag crew of her ship, The Sunskimmer. As the daughter of the most famous hero in the history of the galaxy, Emily has a lot to live up to, and when the legendary Captain Ajax dies, a dispute over an inheritance leads to her becoming embroiled in a galactic conspiracy that threatens the fragile peace in the Four Quadrants. Legacy is a fast-paced,  witty adventure that moves from the personal and reflective to the awe-inspiring and cosmic. It’s space opera in the finest tradition, set in a savage galaxy where a vast interstellar bureaucracy tries to impose order across planets, asteroids and space stations inhabited by unscrupulous smugglers, barbaric raiders, religious fanatics and corrupt mega-corporations. Against this tumultuous backdrop, three women have the power to determine the fate of the entire human race.

Needless to say, I’m hugely excited about this, and those of you who’ve been reading my work on this blog since I started it in 2012 will know how much of myself I’ve poured into my fiction. The Ajax Legacy, as it was, was always the crown jewel of this odd, rambling portfolio of mine and the single work that best summed up what I’ve been trying to do all along. I’m delighted it’s been picked up and that it received such a strong, immediate response from my publishers, who liked it so much they came back to me almost immediately with a contract. Selling any book in today’s market is always a challenge, but I think anyone who takes a punt on Legacy will find something to enjoy in it. It’s a fun little romp through space, with some great characters with whom I think a lot of people will identify. It showcases my progressive politics, with women and queer characters centred, and it may just be the antidote you need for these troubling times in which we find ourselves.

So, if you’ve ever read and enjoyed any of my stories here, or you follow me on Twitter and like my nonsense, or if you just fancy a good sci-fi adventure, Legacy might be right in your orbit.

As an added incentive, Cynefin Road are very passionate about supporting good causes, and they’ve agreed to donate 5% of their profits to a charity of my choice, in this case Cambridge Women’s Aid, a local refuge for women and children affected by domestic violence. I intend to donate the same proportion of my own profits (and hopefully include some other causes close to my heart too), assuming I sell enough copies for it to be worthwhile!

So, I hope you’ll join me on this new, rather strange adventure into the world of being a professional author, and also into the universe of the Four Quadrants.

Worldwide Amazon link

Cynefin Road’s webstore


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