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Hello. As of the time of writing, there are over 760,000 words of free short fiction on this blog and it seemed prudent to try and monetise some of this work so I can become a professional writer instead of the enthusiastic amateur I currently am. To this end, I’ve started to upload some of my work to Amazon so they can be purchased and downloaded as ebooks for your Kindle or other compatible device.

Now, these stories are obviously already here for free, so I’m trying to make sure the Kindle versions are worth buying by a) editing them into coherence and b) trying to include extra stuff. So the Kindle version of Tales of New Atlas, while still the same story, now has a couple of little extra bits in it and has been edited to hew a little more closely to the tone of the later Ragnar stories. Hollow Future, a compilation of some of my sci-fi stories, has an additional exclusive story that wasn’t posted here. So I’m trying to make it worthwhile paying me for something I’m actually giving away for free here.

Anyway, below are the books I currently have available on Amazon’s Kindle service. Note that the links for each territory’s store are different because you can’t purchase outside your own country for boring reasons to do with tax and royalties. I’ve put the UK and US links below, but if you’re from elsewhere, just change the domain as appropriate (so .com to .ca for Canda, for example).

Tales of New Atlas: the Ragnar Ulrichson Saga

Takes of New Atlas Cover 2

New Atlas is a city in a world both strange and familiar: a place of towering skyscrapers, grimy streets, gun-toting mobsters and knockout dames, but also one of savage orcs, haughty elves, cunning dwarves and, in the midst of it all, a private detective-cum-barbarian hero just trying to do the right thing.

Here, collected in one publication for the first time, are the first three novellas featuring the tough but fundamentally decent New Atlas gumshoe Ragnar Ulrichson. Battling a drink problem and an old injury along with clients who don’t even share his biology, and enemies who think of him as just another pawn in their Ages-long games of world domination, he’s got the whole filthy city against him. Or so he believes.

An affectionate homage to both classic fantasy and hard-boiled detective fiction, ‘Tales of New Atlas’ features three adventures in a crime-ridden near-modern metropolis with a twist. From the murder-mystery of ‘Written in Blood’ to the apocalyptic spectacle of ‘Dragonfire’ and the last, desperate fight for the streets in ‘Darkness Rising’, a cast of memorable characters and settings blend the everyday with the fantastic and come together in an epic saga that is JRR Tolkien meets Raymond Chandler.

UK link, US link

Hollow Future

Hollow Future cover 2

Hollow Future is an anthology of science-fiction stories connected by themes of the loss of identity in the face of unimaginable technological advances. Covering sub-genres from biopunk to space opera to contemporary magical realism and more, these stories follow diverse characters through time and space as they question themselves and their very humanity.

Stories featured:
– The Q-Factor
– Profile
– Wetware
– The Long Death
– Alldaughter
– Legacy (Kindle exclusive short story)

UK link, US link

Hollow Future 2

Most of the stories end more or less like this...

Hollow Future is the second science-fiction anthology from Thomas Heasman-Hunt, a collection of short stories linked by themes of humankind’s impotence in the face of the awesome powers of space, time and their own identity.

With eighteen stories ranging in length from flash fiction to novellas, some comic, some dramatic, some horrifying and some poignant, Hollow Future 2 covers just six months of the author’s breakneck fiction writing and serves as an ideal introduction to his work and themes.

UK link, US link

Other Lives

Other Lives Cover

Other Lives is a collection of contemporary short stories, most of which were originally published on the author’s fiction blog, Serial Writist, since October 2012. Now edited and compiled together, they follow the lives of a series of protagonists whose only commonality is living in the confusing, exciting and sometimes heartbreaking world of today. The collection contains:

– Barcelona Dawn I
– Omelas
– The Sea’s Keeper
– Abraham and Isaac
– Barcelona Dawn II
– Pixie
– Lightshow
– Dad and Mary
– Barcelona Dawn III
– The Prison
– Magical Intersections
– Seasons
– Barcelona Dawn IV

UK Link, US Link


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